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Message from the president


Since 1990 when the company was established, we have been providing consulting services on agricultural and rural development in developing countries for over 20 years.Initially, our company focused on the production side in the agricultural supply chain. We have since expanded our portfolio to cover downstream activities such as post-harvest, process and secured distribution of agricultural products. We have experts with extensive experience in areas such as research, planning, implementation and evaluation. Furthermore, we strive to contribute to society through Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects. This does not only benefit the various stakeholders involved in our projects such as farmers and local people in developing counties, but also supports Japanese companies’ business overseas. We consistently encourage our staff members to improve their skills and address challenges as a team. We believe that human resource development, along with teamwork, will lead to higher quality services.

We contribute to global rural development through our expertise in the field of agriculture.


TASK Co., Ltd.


 Yasunobu Kudo


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