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We provide consultancy services related to research, project implementation and evaluation in connection with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) and foreign ministries.

Business Field

アンカー 1
  • Regional/Rural Development

  • Agricultural Development

  • Crop cultivation

  • Agricultural Machinery and Supplies

  • Reuse of Agricultural Waste and Byproduct

  • Research and Educational Equipment 

  • Poverty Alleviation

  • Organization Development

  • Breeding and Seed Propagation

  • Agricultural Market · Distribution

  • Agricultural Extension

  • Project Management

  • Promotion of (local) Resident’s Participation

  • Agricultural Management

  • Soil and Fertilizer

  • Post-harvest Process (Harvesting, Processing and Storage)

  • Training

  • Business Evaluation

Our Business 1

Agricultural and Rural Development

We consider the stability of agriculture and food as the foundation for supporting the lives of people in developing countries, therefore, we are engaged in international aid projects in the field of agriculture and rural development. The range of expertise of our staff members covers the entire food supply chain from upstream to downstream, from cultivation to harvest, post-harvest processing, processing, distribution, marketing, and input goods such as seeds, fertilizer and, agricultural machinery. We are striving to implement optimal support for people in developing countries by combining the skills and knowledge of all our staff members.

Representative Project
Promoting smallholder farmers’ access to agricultural machinery, Ghana(2014-2017)

In Ghana, Agricultural Mechanization Service Centers (AMSEC) have been established across the country to promote agricultural mechanization for the private sector as an important program of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.


AMSECs in each region have been providing machinery services to local farmers, to improve their access to agricultural machinery. Unfortunately, far short of the government’s goal to establish 170 AMSECs by 2015, only 89 was actually established. Furthermore, there were many cases where centers could not maintain stable profits due to management inefficiency and machinery problems.


Therefore, two staff members from our company worked on the AMSEC project to strengthen the administrative capabilities of the Agricultural Engineering Service Directorate (AESD) for the improvement of the AMSEC business. We provided management improvement training and consultation to business managers and machinery operators; we also contributed to the strengthening of cooperation among farmer groups, AMSECs and extension officers.


This project continues to encourage AMSECs to improve autonomy and sustainability of management, which, in turn will promote agriculture mechanization and lead to more efficient agricultural management for smallholder farmers in Ghana.

Planning and Promotion Support for rice consumption in Tanzania(2013-)

The Tanzanian government has been focusing on increasing rice production as an important domestic crop since the rice consumption has been increasing in recent years. Due to this, the government formulated the ‘’National Rice development strategy’’ aiming to double the 2008 rice production by 2018.


Japan has contributed to improving rice productivity in Tanzania since the 1970s. From 2007 to 2012, we implemented the project "Strengthening the supporting system of irrigated agricultural technology extension (Tan Rice)". We supported the improvement of rice productivity in the irrigated areas in Tanzania.


A succeeding project ‘’support scheme for promoting rice consumption (TANRICE 2)’’ was launched in 2013. We have expanded our focus on disseminating the training method about rice cultivation technology not only in irrigated areas, but also in rain-fed areas. In addition, we are focusing not only on production, but also on strengthening the entire supply chain of the rice industry, such as post-harvest and marketing in this new phase. 

Two experts in the fields of post-harvest and marketing from our company participated in this TANRICE 2 project. They are conducting training for smallholder farmers, such as how to determine proper harvest timing, post-harvest technologies, how to calculate revenue and negotiation skills with buyers.

Our Project 2

アンカー 2

Agribusiness Support

We have been studying advanced agricultural technologies and improving our technical skills required as an agricultural consultant through partnerships with leading agricultural corporations in Japan. In addition, we are engaged in agricultural training projects for domestic and international human resource capacity building, and support for a overseas expansion of small and medium-sized companies.

Representative Project

Project survey for mulberry leaf tea in Pampanga province, Philippines

Kuwanosato carries out total supply chain production of mulberry tea; from cultivation to leaf tea product manufacturing and sales in Ichikawa Misato Town, Nishiyachiro-gun Yamanashi prefecture.

They have successfully expanded business from their original creative ingenuity, for example, they created a new product with use of the local mulberry type ‘’Ichinose’’, helping to revitalize the local economy, providing a wide range of product lines to meet the health-conscious needs of consumers, and taking advantage the direct sales market through mail-order service.

From May 2016, we have been implementing JICA's "Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Overseas Expansion Support Project" applying our own distinctive domestic business model of mulberry leaf in regards to cultivation to product development, manufacturing and sales in Pampanga State, Philippines.


When this business model is fully realized, a wide range of benefits such as income improvement of stakeholders including local farmers, and revitalization of the economy in Pampanga province etc., are expected.

We are supporting the overseas expansion of Kuwanosato by dispatching experts of cultivation management, operation & administrative management for this survey project in to propose it as an ODA project.

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Corporate Partner

Agricultural Production Corporation, Ten-Up Farm Co., Ltd.

Ten Up Farm is a Japanese agricultural production corporation engaged in the full-range of the agricultural business from production, shipping, processing and distribution in Tomisato City in Chiba Prefecture. In addition to the production at their own farm, they are actively involved in organizing agricultural cooperatives among local farmers, shipping to markets and contracting the cultivation of vegetables for commercial use.


The company was awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and The Nikkei for their achievement in increasing commercial vegetable production in Japan. The president of Ten Up farm, Takeo Morita, is a consultant at TASK Co., Ltd as a specialist of crop cultivation, processing and distribution.



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