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Recruitment FAQ

Q1. What kind of academic background and job experience does a development consultant need?

Our company consists of experts on food and agriculture. We especially welcome those with academic backgrounds (master's degree or higher) and job experiences related to the field of agriculture, such as cultivation, processing, and distribution of grain and horticultural crops.

Q2. What kind of work do you do specifically?

We focus on research and technical support related to food and agriculture, rural development mainly in developing countries. In the case of a research survey, we analyze the current situation of farming, distribution and sales by consulting with local farmers and markets. Whereas for technical assistance, we support local farmers and extension officers by providing guidance and training on how to use rice plants, agricultural machinery, among others.

Q3. How about the salary and bonus system?

Salary and bonus depend on company regulations. There is a basic fixed salary while the bonus is linked to annual sales. During the probationary period (6 months), the basic salary will be between 200,000 to 300,000 yen per month (for a young consultant). After the probationary period, salary will be discussed with your supervisor.

Q4. What is unique about TASK Co., Ltd. among the other consultancy companies?

Our company has been working in the field of agricultural rural development for over 20 years, therefore, we have abundant experience in this field. For example, we have consultants with extensive experience in Japanese rice farming, they are the specialist in the total supply chain from cultivation, post-harvest and distribution.

Although Task Co., Ltd is a small company, we encourage our staff to improve their individual capacity. For instance, we support staff members who are motivated to learn a new language and technologies etc.

In addition, we are open to staff member’s ideas, such as new opinions on business development and suggestions concerning internal policies etc.

We are a flexible company. We openly welcome innovative ideas from our employees, such as ideas for new business development and proposals for improving the structure of the company.

Q5. What kind of candidates are you looking for?

We aim to become a highly specialized group that maximizes individual potential. We are seeking those who can cooperate and work in a team setting, while also able to expand individual skillsets. In short, we require people who have positive attitudes and initiative. Someone who has the initiative to work independently with minor supervision, and also one who likes to develop good professional relationships within the company and its business partners.

Q6.Could you give an actual example of a career path from one of your employees at the company?

Our staff members have a wide range of employment backgrounds, such as; private companies, trading companies, NGO, college officers, public officers, youth overseas cooperation volunteers, farm management etc.

Please refer to the article in which one of our employee's career plan was posted. → International Cooperation Career Guide 2016 edition

Q7. What is the office atmosphere like?

Our company values ​​an entrepreneurial mindset from the time the company was founded.

Although we have different roles and responsibilities between seniors and juniors, we foster an open environment where we can exchange ideas without barriers.

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