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Project survey for mulberry leaf tea in Pampanga province, Philippines

Kuwanosato carries out total supply chain production of mulberry tea; from cultivation to leaf tea product manufacturing and sales in Ichikawa Misato Town, Nishiyachiro-gun Yamanashi prefecture. They have successfully expanded business from their original creative ingenuity, for example, they created a new product with use of the local mulberry type ‘’Ichinose’’, helping to revitalize the local economy, providing a wide range of product lines to meet the health-conscious needs of consumers, and taking advantage the direct sales market through mail-order service.From May 2016, we have been implementing JICA's "Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Overseas Expansion Support Project" applying our own distinctive domestic business model of mulberry leaf in regards to cultivation to product development, manufacturing and sales in Pampanga State, Philippines. When this business model is fully realized, a wide range of benefits such as income improvement of stakeholders including local farmers, and revitalization of the economy in Pampanga province etc., are expected. We are supporting the overseas expansion of Kuwanosato by dispatching experts of cultivation management, operation & administrative management for this survey project in to propose it as an ODA project.

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