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Project for Rice Seed Production and Promotion, Cambodia

Cambodia largely depends on their agricultural sector for its national economy. Almost 30% of the national economy is generated by agricultural production, and almost 50% of the total population are engaged in agriculture. Especially, rice production is well recognized as a key sub-sector to achieve the stability of the national economy and reduction of poverty.

Rice production in Cambodia is growing year by year. Cambodia reached self-sufficient production levels of rice, and almost 3 million tons of surplus rice is generated at present. However, unit yields of rice are still at low levels compared to neighboring countries, and that is why rice exporters and processors are often claiming to improve the quality of raw materials and milling process for export.

In Cambodia, a seed propagation system is not well functioned and seed production technologies have not advanced much. In addition, dissemination of use of certified seeds is in standstill due to recognition by farmers.

Therefore, we started the project in November 2017 in order to strengthen the production system, and promotion of certified seeds by establishing a seed production management system. This project will continue until 2022 (5 years).

It is expected to improve the livelihood of farmers, as well as development of the national economy through this project.

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